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One Bedroom - Feature Film
Not a War Story - Feature Doc
Joe Cocker: Mad Dog With Soul - Feature Doc
Do You Take This Man - Feature Film
bwoy - Feature Film
Toucan Nation - Feature Doc
The Last Time I Heard True Silence - Short Doc
Borderline - Feature Doc
Hotel Clermont - Short Doc
Evergreen - Narrative Short
Misaligned - Narrative Short
Going Back Home - Short Doc
Conversations With a Dead Prime Minister - Short Doc
Survivors Rowe - Short Doc
Bossi - Short Doc - Director : Tim O'Donnell
Bashir's Vision - Short Doc
Erstwhile - Narrative Short
An Unknown Country - Feature Doc
The Girl With The Jacket - Narrative Short
Blame - Narrative Short
Resolute - Short Doc
For The Love of Dogs - Short Doc
The Music
- Narrative Short
Kids of the Rocket Siren - Short Doc
Danger Word - Narrative Short
The Cardboard Bernini - Feature Doc
The Birdman - Short Doc
Journeymen - Narrative Short
Death in the Family - Narrative Short
Remember Your Death - Narrative Short


Human Prey : Animal Planet
Single Dad Seeking : TLC
All-American Makers : Science Channel
Mansions & Murders : Investigation Discovery TV
American Diner Revival : Food Network
House Hunters International : HGTV
Dear Genevieve : HGTV
Man Caves : DIY Network